Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last Friday Chris and I took Carter and Faith to a pumpkin hunt that our parents as teachers sponsored. We put them in their new to them (used) wagon, pulled them across the creek bed into the field. The pumpkins were placed all over the open field. Chris thought he could do a better job at hiding them!!! We helped the kids find their pumpkin of choice and put it in the wagon with them.

After getting pumpkins we ate a sack lunch at the picnic area. OK we ate their sack lunch and they stared at everyone. They had never seen so many other kids close to their age. I have to admit there was a lot going on! Some of the mother-kid communications were fun to watch. After lunch we took Carter and Faith to a maize made out of hay bales. Carter loved this!

The afternoon was concluded with a visit to the hospital to see their great Grandma Jeffries. She commented on Carters curls!! This was a special visit as it was the last time they got to see Grandma Jeffries.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was the day Faith and Carter got their Shots. This is always a stressful day for me and one that I have put off far to long. Moving to a new area always poses a challenge for finding a new doctor. I had two moms refer me to the some doctor in one weeks time. We went to see this doctor today and we really liked her. WE HAVE FOUND A DOCTOR! Anyway, back to the shots. The routine is Chris stays in the room with the baby(I know they are no longer babies ) getting the shots while I stand outside the door with the other one. I tried to stay in the room once and I cried with them. It gets messy and it's just better for everyone if we stick to this procedure. Carter was the first today. I stood in the hall with Faith. Of course he scream and then nothing. When Chris picked him up he stopped crying. Chris brought Carter to me and I handed over a tired Faith. Carter did really well and was ready to get down to play. The doctor came by to give him a treasure and asked me if he even cried. Faith did as best she could while wondering where her mom was. Chris brought her to me as she clung to me for dear life. We put on their pants and left. It went much better than expected. This was the best round so far.

On a more positive note Carter got new shoes. This is his first pair of Tennis shoes and he was fascinated by them. I put them on yesterday morning so he could try them out. He took a few steps and stopped and looked at his feet... a few more steps and stopped to check them out again. They make a different sound then the teva's he wore this summer (louder). This was very noticeable as he did his almost run across the kitchen floor. He seemed to be OK with everything until he found the shoelaces. The summer shoes did not have these things on them. After untieing and tieing and untieing, I put him in the car to head to MOPS. Picture to follow next time.

Miss Faith is a sweet as she can be! She gives the best hugs ever. I love to watch her as she discovers the world around her. Last week we stepped out on the front porch to talk to Paul (the landscaper) . Paul came up to Faith sat down and started to talk to her. She stood right beside him with her elbows bent and her hands on her lower back with palms out. I had never seen her with that pose before. Then it dawned on me that Chris and I often put our hands on our hips when we talk to people. Faith was "putting her hands on her hips". It is the sweetest thing. They are always watching!!!

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Friday, October 3, 2008


This weekend I have packed my bags for Dallas to go to MOPS conventions. Mimi came to help with Faith and Carter Thursday. Chris has them on Friday and Grandma J. is helping on Saturday.

So Far it has been a wonderful experience with speakers that challenge and pull at your heartstrings at the same time. We have heard great music from talented recording artists.
There are over five thousand moms here this weekend.

The three other Moms that are with me on this trip are so fun!! We have laughed, cried, and shopped. This will make you close friends very quickly.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just checked on Faith and Carter as they are sleeping. Faith usually lays on her back (with mouth open) or her side. Carter is usually a tummy sleeper, but was laying on his back with pacifier close by. They have been sleeping in the same room since they were 13 months old. They do relatively well with not waking each other up during the night if one gets up. Chris use to say when ones up we are all up. I sure don't see him at night anymore.

Yesterday morning about 6:20am I could hear Faith stirring (She gets up first every morning). Then silence. A little stir from Carter. Silence. By 6:45am lots of talking by both Faith and Carter. I could not see them but my vision of them was standing in their beds leaning on the rail as they talked to one another hoping for a mommy visit soon. As I walked into the room, my vision became a reality except Faith was jumping around while hanging on to the rail. When ones up we are all up.

Over the Weekend Papa J and Grandma came to visit. Chris fished a tournament with his Dad during the day. Saturday evening we went to dinner with his Grandpa, Granny Barb, Mom, Dad, and of course Faith and Carter. After dinner we went back to His Grandpas house. Grandpa Shack plays the Guitar and other instruments (at 90). He got his guitar out and played for us. Carter was in the spirit that night and felt like Dancing. As PaPa J sang he put his hands on his waist, arms half bent, legs and feet marching up and down as fast as they could go. He was on beat and he was a serious as he could be. He was watching his feet go as if he was amazing himself. We all were tickled to tears. It was one of those moments were you would have given anything and everything for a camera. Then you could be tickled to tears too. The funny part or I guess I should say the other funny part is the next day at church his teacher told us that Carter out danced everyone!!! I wish I could have been there. I hope we don't get kicked out of the Baptist Church.

If you tell a funny on one you must tell a funny on the other. We went to Tennessee for a family reunion in July. We stopped in Nashville for a couple of days before the reunion. We were going to the Grand Ol Opry that night and thought it was important to rest before our activities. We had put Faith and Carter in their pack-n-plays to nap. Chris napped on the couch around the corner from Faith and I napped in the Bed. Everyone had fallen asleep, so we thought. Faith has always been our more difficult one to get down. She does not want to miss a thing (kinda like her Daddy). While we were resting she had climbed up the side of her crib and got a bag of M&Ms off the table beside her. I mean a big bag not the snack size. She helped herself to the colored candies. Chris kept hearing her wrestling paper or something but could not think of what it could be. Well he finally woke up, walked over to find a little girl covered in brown chocolate. She saw him too and quickly started to stuff her mouth with the contraband. It took a full bottle of Spray and wash on her bedding at the local laundry mat before all the stains would budge.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


New Adventures
(DAD's NIGHT TO BLOG!!!!!!!!)

Tonight is my privilege to blog for the first time. The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful, healthy babies that Melissa and I love more and more each day. Carter and Faith are just over 14 Months old and the days have flown by. Both are going all over the place with arms a blazing. Our household will never be the same and Melissa and I thank God everyday.

Everyday life brings us new adventures and whether old or young there is nothing more exciting than First Times. I think back to some of my own first times and I treasure those memories as I hope Carter and Faith will as well. Everything in our lives right now is a first time, like Faith picking and eating Green Tomatoes, Carter throwing out his arms wanting to play in my boat, Carter and me watching the groundhog run along the shore in the back yard, car rides, playing a game of chase around the living room furniture ( I never knew their little legs could go so fast), throwing the pacifier over the deck rail and then looking back at me or Melissa to see what we are going to do about it, going for stroller rides (even if they are sometimes a little bumpy) , going to the pool and bobbing around like apples, petting the dogs at Papa and Grammies house, riding the rocking horse at Papa and Mimi's, going to the park and eating rocks or mulch ( it is always better fried), tractor rides at Aunt Junes with Ed and Val, wrestling with Uncle Mike, meeting Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, riding the race car in Hyvee while waiving by to Uncle Tim, or even Today (Grammy close your eyes and ears) Picking Up A Snake. The list can go on and on. First Times are Great and New Adventures are even better. I love being a Dad and I look forward to all the Great Adventures.

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Monday, September 15, 2008


Now that the air is getting cool the swimming pools are closed. A true sign that summer is over.

This was our last trip to the pool this summer. We tried to go on Sunday nights making it a good end to a busy weekend.

Carter really does like the water . Faith Takes the Fountain on head first!Their swimsuits were provided by Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Jenny --- Thanks!Thank the Good Lord for Daddies that don't mind having pictures in their swimsuits!! (no way would I post myself in a swimsuit)

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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Being a stay home mom is what I have always wanted to be. If you have ever heard Chris and I talk about "our plan" it was to work really hard for five years to enable me to stay home full time (God's plan was eight and that was great!). Now that I have been blessed to be a stay home mom, I find myself in a much different routine. Like not showering, dressing, or looking half way presentable. I am aware of the situation but have not found the ultimate solution. On a very recent trip to town with Chris and the babies he had noticed that I looked a little or a lot different than I had for several days on end. He commented on how nice I looked. I confessed to him that I knew I had lacked in this area this week and he immediately said "IT'S OK YOUR IN THE TRENCHES". I just sat in the car and looked out the window thinking about how that short comment was AWESOME and I needed to hear it!! He totally understood and got what I am going through in this short season of my life.

Not only is Chris an overwhelmingly supportive husband he is a wonderful Dad. Faith and Carter adore him. He has been so involved from day one. Tonight as I cooked dinner Carter and Faith took their bath. It was earlier than usual due to the mask of food they were wearing. Not to mention their hair. While I cooked I could hear abounding amounts of laughter and squeals. Their Daddy was entertaining them with a huge game of shower curtain peek-a-boo. My heart just soared as I could hear all of this. I thought how lucky Carter and Faith are to have a Daddy like Chris. They are the apple of his eye.

Most guys would be afraid of one baby let alone two. Not this Daddy he loads them up and takes them to Lowes, to the Park, or aunt June's house anytime I need a break. It is good for all of us!!

I may be in the trenches but Chris is right there with me and I pray that all this work will be blessed.

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Friday, September 12, 2008


It is funny and interesting at this stage in life (14 months) how words just come and go.
Last week I walked in Faith and Carter's room to put laundry in their basket and get Faith out of her bed. I was headed for the laundry basket when I was greeted with a very enthusiastic HI! She of course was standing in her crib anxious to get her good morning hug and a lift to a clean diaper. I was caught off guard by the warm greeting. This is not the only time her new word showed up that day, however. Carter and Faith were eating in their highchairs when in walked Chris. Faith immediately greeted him with a HI! We were both excited about the new communication that we would now be able to have with Faith. The only problem is that word only lasted for a day. The word did not return until today and she used it once. I am very excited about the new words each day will bring.

Carter says mama a lot and yup. He is kinda a Mommy's boy right now anyway. Who needs more words? Mama goes a loooong way!!

The following pictures are of their favorite things to do!

Faith loves to get into the tomato plants on the deck. She will eat red or green and sometimes the dirt. We have chairs turned over to barricade them but she gets by them every time!!

She cooks when I cook, which poses a bit of a challenge. (for both of us) Carter Loves to play in the boat with his Dad - even if it is just in the garage!!!

Carter is about 10 months old here.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Carter Got his first haircut when he was 12 months old. I needed to get the pictures downloaded because he is just about due for another. He did awesome. Just give the boy a cell phone and he is content.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Thursday night Faith and Cater had spaghetti for the first Time. WE LOVED IT SO MUCH THAT WE RUBBED IT ON OURSELVES!!!! Chris says the spaghetti Won.

Today we took Faith and Carter to a small park by the Lake. I don't know who had more fun Chris and I or Carter and Faith.

I do not know what happens at your house when you leave your shoes lying around, but this is what happens at our house!!!!



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Friday, September 5, 2008


I am so excited to start this blog I just don't know where to begin. Carter and Faith are Almost 14 months old and going strong. I am loving almost every minute that I get to spend with them. Our days are somewhat routine, meaning we try very hard to get two naps in.

Today was a little cool out so we all wore short sleeves and long pants for the first time. I left the door open for a while this morning and Carter and Faith went out on the Deck to explore. Their favorite is to go inside and outside continuously while stopping to close the door (which I leave open so no fingers get pinched off).

We went shopping while Daddy went to the Bank to do business. Carter gets to stand up in the cart while Faith rides up front. They are strategically placed. They were really good for me and all I had to do was pick up Carter's passifier every 30 seconds. Hey, I'll do it if it works. Faith is going to be a shopper She likes to hold everything that you put in the cart. She especially likes hangers.

We went to dinner at Osage National with Rick and Barb. It is always so nice when Carter and Faith both are interested in eating and sitting in their high chair for an extended amount of time. Barb is very entertaining to them so I think that helps. We always have a good time with them!!
They have been a blessing to us in so many ways.

Well there you have it our first blog. Pictures will be out next project, hopefully to come on the next entry.

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