Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was the day Faith and Carter got their Shots. This is always a stressful day for me and one that I have put off far to long. Moving to a new area always poses a challenge for finding a new doctor. I had two moms refer me to the some doctor in one weeks time. We went to see this doctor today and we really liked her. WE HAVE FOUND A DOCTOR! Anyway, back to the shots. The routine is Chris stays in the room with the baby(I know they are no longer babies ) getting the shots while I stand outside the door with the other one. I tried to stay in the room once and I cried with them. It gets messy and it's just better for everyone if we stick to this procedure. Carter was the first today. I stood in the hall with Faith. Of course he scream and then nothing. When Chris picked him up he stopped crying. Chris brought Carter to me and I handed over a tired Faith. Carter did really well and was ready to get down to play. The doctor came by to give him a treasure and asked me if he even cried. Faith did as best she could while wondering where her mom was. Chris brought her to me as she clung to me for dear life. We put on their pants and left. It went much better than expected. This was the best round so far.

On a more positive note Carter got new shoes. This is his first pair of Tennis shoes and he was fascinated by them. I put them on yesterday morning so he could try them out. He took a few steps and stopped and looked at his feet... a few more steps and stopped to check them out again. They make a different sound then the teva's he wore this summer (louder). This was very noticeable as he did his almost run across the kitchen floor. He seemed to be OK with everything until he found the shoelaces. The summer shoes did not have these things on them. After untieing and tieing and untieing, I put him in the car to head to MOPS. Picture to follow next time.

Miss Faith is a sweet as she can be! She gives the best hugs ever. I love to watch her as she discovers the world around her. Last week we stepped out on the front porch to talk to Paul (the landscaper) . Paul came up to Faith sat down and started to talk to her. She stood right beside him with her elbows bent and her hands on her lower back with palms out. I had never seen her with that pose before. Then it dawned on me that Chris and I often put our hands on our hips when we talk to people. Faith was "putting her hands on her hips". It is the sweetest thing. They are always watching!!!

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