Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last Friday Chris and I took Carter and Faith to a pumpkin hunt that our parents as teachers sponsored. We put them in their new to them (used) wagon, pulled them across the creek bed into the field. The pumpkins were placed all over the open field. Chris thought he could do a better job at hiding them!!! We helped the kids find their pumpkin of choice and put it in the wagon with them.

After getting pumpkins we ate a sack lunch at the picnic area. OK we ate their sack lunch and they stared at everyone. They had never seen so many other kids close to their age. I have to admit there was a lot going on! Some of the mother-kid communications were fun to watch. After lunch we took Carter and Faith to a maize made out of hay bales. Carter loved this!

The afternoon was concluded with a visit to the hospital to see their great Grandma Jeffries. She commented on Carters curls!! This was a special visit as it was the last time they got to see Grandma Jeffries.

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The Nadeau Family said...

They are getting soooo big!! How are you guys? I hope well. Sounds like all is good. Are the kids dressing up??