Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First I am going to explain why I have not been blogging lately. For Christmas I put together shutter fly books of Faith and Carter that took me an extensive amount of time. I started way before Thanksgiving and finished right before Christmas. The books turned out great and it was well worth all the time and energy.

We have been traveling back and forth from KC for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving was spent at my Dad and Moms with my Moms side of the family. We had about 30 family members present. This was a great time to catch up with Family and eat some really great food.
Dalton and Faith Playing on Thanksgiving Day
Carter Looking for Dalton and Faith

Christmas Started off with a get together at Jeremy and Jenny's house to eat and exchange gifts with my family the weekend before Christmas. We stayed the night with my Mom and Dad and hung around their house all day on Sunday. That night we went to their church for the Christmas program. We did not put Faith and Carter in the nursery because I thought they might enjoy the program. We sat on the first row yikes!! Faith sat in my Moms lap and was loving the program. She did so good until Mary came to get baby Jesus (played by Faith's cousin) and took him on stage. Well Faith thought it was her cue to go on stage too. So in all efforts to not have Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Me, and Faith on stage we had to make a quick exit and join Carter and Daddy in the "Cry room"a back room off the sanctuary. We left the next morning and returned to the Lake.

My Mom and Dad came down for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We enjoyed them so much and had a wonderful time. After breakfast we headed to KC again to Chris' Mom and Dads. Carter was trying to get over the stomach flu and on Christmas evening I came down with the stuff. We passed it around and by the time we recovered Christmas was over. Faith never got sick and continued to go strong. Carter had strep throat two weeks before. She never got that either. Poor Carter a week before Christmas burned his hand on the fireplace. That was the worst of all. It has taken him till after New Years to return back to his sweet cheery self. I missed the little boy. He slept a lot and wanted to be held for three weeks. We are all on the mend and ready for a New Year. I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New year Too.

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