Thursday, September 18, 2008


New Adventures
(DAD's NIGHT TO BLOG!!!!!!!!)

Tonight is my privilege to blog for the first time. The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful, healthy babies that Melissa and I love more and more each day. Carter and Faith are just over 14 Months old and the days have flown by. Both are going all over the place with arms a blazing. Our household will never be the same and Melissa and I thank God everyday.

Everyday life brings us new adventures and whether old or young there is nothing more exciting than First Times. I think back to some of my own first times and I treasure those memories as I hope Carter and Faith will as well. Everything in our lives right now is a first time, like Faith picking and eating Green Tomatoes, Carter throwing out his arms wanting to play in my boat, Carter and me watching the groundhog run along the shore in the back yard, car rides, playing a game of chase around the living room furniture ( I never knew their little legs could go so fast), throwing the pacifier over the deck rail and then looking back at me or Melissa to see what we are going to do about it, going for stroller rides (even if they are sometimes a little bumpy) , going to the pool and bobbing around like apples, petting the dogs at Papa and Grammies house, riding the rocking horse at Papa and Mimi's, going to the park and eating rocks or mulch ( it is always better fried), tractor rides at Aunt Junes with Ed and Val, wrestling with Uncle Mike, meeting Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, riding the race car in Hyvee while waiving by to Uncle Tim, or even Today (Grammy close your eyes and ears) Picking Up A Snake. The list can go on and on. First Times are Great and New Adventures are even better. I love being a Dad and I look forward to all the Great Adventures.

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